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Gives insight into the focus and prioritisation of environmental action across Europe, as well as country-by-country insights.

Report on national indicators on the SDGs in Germany.

Framework to transform the learning environment and organisational culture at HEIs to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community.

Report on capacities relevant to SDG localization and overall coordination of the Agenda 2030.

A framework that measures sustainable development from a national well-being perspective.

Recommendations and good practices of national sustainable development strategies from 2006.

A framework to steer and support the contribution that the Irish education sector is making to sustainable development.

Speeding up the Green Transition is one of France’s main objectives.

Intergenerational justice, quality of life, social cohesion, and international responsibility are the guiding principles.

The profiles give an overview of EU countries' environmental SDG action and procedures.

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